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If you're an artist, or a role player looking for a cool prop to bring to game (it's AWESOME for drawing maps n stuff on), this sketchbook is for you. 

I designed it to look like a spell book on the outside and have worn looking parchment-style paper on the inside. 

It's only a few bucks, so grab one! Click on the image to check it out.



Check out these shirts I designed that are available on Click on the "MERCH" image. Support a digital artist!

If you're just feeling extra kind, consider donating to help keep my art going.

Want a Made for You oil painting original for DIRT CHEAP?

I want more practice and you have room on your walls. By participating in my Patreon, you will get an oil painting made for you (likely done live on stream) and sent to you (S&H extra). Visit my Patreon to get started.
Remember that you are buying the materials and I am making a painting FOR you. This is not a commission. You get to select the category and I make the painting for you.

Think of it like a blind bag for oil painting.

I retain the rights to use, sell, or reproduce the work done in any way I see fit. You own the physical version, I own the rights to the image. 

After a successful Kickstarter, I now offer my MTG Tokens through 

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